Searching information in Kleos


Kleos has been designed to manage a large volume of information. The searching features are designed to make finding documents easy and in the precise moment you want.


The global search is the easiest way to locate information. It is located on the upper-right corner of the screen. It will find all the cases, documents, calendar events, tasks and activities that match the search criteria with their corresponding description. The latest searches that you have made are automatically stored. All the Kleos screens contain a quick search box.


The quick search will only find the items related to the active screen. For instance, the quick search of cases will only find cases, and the quick search of tasks wills only find tasks. All the quick search boxes are configured to use the most frequent search criteria. The search criteria for cases they are the name, reference, and description, and for documents are the name, and the description. The quick search boxes store the last searches too. In all the Kleos screens you may find the advanced search next to the quick search box.


The advanced search allows users to combine all the available fields to compose complex searches. You can save criteria for a complex search in order to reuse the same criteria for future searches. Set the criteria and then click on “Save”. In this way this search will be available in “Stored Search”

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