How to work with extra fields


The information required to manage legal proceeding could be very complex. In some cases, you may need to include additional information that doesn’t fit in the standard Kleos structure. The purpose of extra fields is to provide you a way to configure Kleos to make it fit perfectly to you needs. You can define extra fields for cases and identities. To define an extra field for a case, click on the “extra field for cases” button in the configuration screen.


All the extra fields should be included inside a group. Create a new group and give it a name. Now, define the new field. You have to declare the type of the field, and his name. Depending on the type of the field, you may configure different settings, as the minimum and maximum value. Once you have created the field, it will be available in the extra fields tab of the cases window.


The procedure to create an extra field for identities is exactly the same. All the data inserted in extra field will be available for Advanced Searches, for Case reports, and for automatic fill of documents in Kleos

2016-07-08 (39)