The activities sheet


The activities sheet is a practical way to quickly create activities and billable items. To open the activities sheet, click on the “Activities sheet” button. In the first place, choose the owner of the activities.


If you want to create a specific type of activity, use the “new activity” icon at the top of the window. The billable items related to the activity will be created automatically. You may also create an activity using the “new activity” button or pressing “Control A”. A set of preconfigured billing items will be created when you select the activity type. You may also create new generic billing items, using the “new billing item” icon, the “new billing item” button and pressing “Control B”.


A small red arrow indicates the fields with wrong values. If you try to save the changes before fixing the mistakes, Kleos will show an informative pop-up. If everything is correct, Kleos will generate all the activities and billing items. The activities sheet is the quickest way to generate a set of activities from scratch.

2016-07-11 (22)