The activities screen


The activities screen contains the full list of activities and billing items. Use the tabs in the lower part of the screen to switch between activities and billing items. The quick filters are the easiest way to locate activities. A quick search box and the advanced search are available too. As in other Kleos screens, you may hide columns and rearrange them. It is also possible to sort and filter using the headers of the columns. To create a new activity, click on the “New” icon or use the right button of the mouse.


The “Activities sheet” button opens the activities sheet. This is the quickest way to create a set of activities from scratch. The edit button allows users to update an activity and their corresponding billing items. You may generate and print reports using the reports button. You may open the case related to the activity. The “recalculate” option allows users to apply a different fee table to a specific activity and their related billing items. You may set an activity as billed. If you use Kleos to generate invoices, the activities marked as billed will not be used to generate new invoices.


The same options are available in the “billing items” tab, with the exception of the “recalculate” option. You cannot recalculate a single billing item using a different fee table. You will have to apply the same fee table to all the billing items related to the activity. The “Billing items” tab shows a summary with the amounts billed and the ones waiting to be billed.

2016-07-06 (19)