How to make a local copy of a set of documents


All the documents in Kleos are safely stored in the cloud. Kleos provide a security level for the storage of you data and of your backup at the best levels of the market You may access your documents from anywhere through an Internet connection.


Today, the coverage of the communication networks is almost global. Nonetheless, in some cases you may need to recover a document from the cloud to use it in a local computer. You only have to use the “copy to” feature. You may recover the original document and a PDF version of the document.


You may recover a single document or a set of documents. Simply, select the file system folder and click OK. The copy could take some time, depending on the size of the selected documents and on your connection speed, … but nevertheless you can continue working with Kleos.


The files will be downloaded at background. Kleos will inform you of the end of the download with a message. The “copy to” feature is available in the document screen and the document tab of the cases window. You may use the command bar, or the right button of the mouse.

2016-07-09 (30)