This video explains using the following feature in the Kleos Mobile app:


The Sign-in process is always the same.


The “Tasks” feature is also available in Kleos Mobile app and you can find it in the main menu.


To create a new task, tap on the “ + “ button on top of the screen.


Here you can fill in the details you need for a task.


To save all the data, you only need to tap on the “  “ button from top right corner of the screen.


Your task has been saved and it is available also in the tasks screen.


The “Activities” feature is also available in the app and accessible from the main menu.


Here is the activities screen. To create a new activity, tap on the “ + ” button.


You can fill the required fields that you need in this screen.


You can choose or even search the related case for this activity.


You can also add billing items, by tapping on the “ + “ button.


The next step is to insert the type, description, quantity and the rate of the billing item.

Always remember to save the data by hitting the “    “  button.


There you have it. The activities screen with all your activities included.


You are all set to use these productivity tools on the go!