This video explains using the following feature in the Kleos Mobile app:


The Sign-in process is always the same.


By choosing “Cases” from the main menu, you will see the recently used cases and you can search for a specific case by using the filter & search option on top right corner of the screen.


Each case contains different sections related to them available in the toolbar on the bottom of the screen.


By choosing each section, you can modify them directly from the corresponding case.


You are all set with the cases.

To get back to the home page, you need to navigate to the dropdown menu on top and choose “Home”.


To make a new appointment, tap on the
“ + ” button on the top of the screen.


Filling the required fields is easy, since there are also predefined categories to choose.


To save an appointment, you only need to tap on the
√ ” button on top right corner.


There you have it.
The Calendar screen with all the appointments included.


Now it’s time to add documents.

To do so, navigate to the main menu and choose “Documents” section.


All the documents in your Kleos are available from “Documents” screen.

You can upload documents by simply tapping on the upload button on top right corner of the screen.


After you choose a document, you can also insert some details about this document.


You can also set follow ups for this document by choosing the “Follow Up” check box and insert the related users, actions, priorities, status and notes to it.


From the app you can also edit each document and save it back to Kleos, if you have the editing applications available in your device, such as Microsoft Word or PDF editor.


Finally you can also access your contacts by navigating to the “Contacts” section in main menu.


All your contacts are saved in this section and they are available at anytime and anywhere you want, with your Kleos Mobile app.


By choosing each contact you can see all the details about that and you can call, send an email or even map the address directly in the app.


Enjoy using Kleos Mobile on the go!