Kleos, a global vision


Kleos is a law practice management software, designed by lawyers for lawyers. Kleos manages your cases and your firm conveniently, at the office or wherever you are. All the information in Kleos is organised aroud cases. A case is a virtual folder. You can use cases for organising all the documents related to legal proceedings or any other kind of service. Cases are related to identities. An identity could be a person, partnership, organization, or business that has a legal existence.


Time is the most valuable asset of lawyers. Lawyers can use Kleos to manage their time through a flexible structure of tasks, activities, appointments and due dates. Activities can be used to generate invoices. The integration of Kleos with legal databases and legal systems makes it easier to work with efficiency. Kleos Mobile makes it possible to access all the information related with cases anytime and anywhere. Welcome to Kleos.