How to work with tasks


A task is a specific job that should be done by someone before a given date. They are used to manage the pending work. The tasks screen shows the list of tasks.


You may use quick filters to configure the tasks that are shown in the list. As in all Kleos screens, you can do searches to find specific tasks. Kleos will show in red all the tasks that have exceeded their due date. To create a task, click on the “new” icon on the tasks screen.


Then, select who is the responsible for this specific task and its due date. You can define activities related to the task. Remember that in Kleos, activities can be defined as billable time. This is the easiest way to transform the pending work into billable activities.


Once you have completed a task, click on the “set as completed” button to inform Kleos you have finished the task. In Kleos, it is possible to define a new task from many places. You can create tasks using the “quick add” icon available in all the Kleos screens.


You can use the new task icon on the tasks screen, or the right button of the mouse. You can define tasks from the next steps option, available when you create an event or a task.

2016-06-04 (16)