How to create activities


Kleos uses activities to generate invoices. An activity can be defined as a set of one or more billable item. You can save activities in the case during the management of the case, and this saved activities could be automatically recovered in invoices when you will create them.


It is possible to create activities from many different places: The “quick add” button. The “new” button in the activities screen. The new command on the contextual menu of the right button of the mouse. The “new” button in the activities tab of the cases screen.


The “new activity” button, available when you create a new calendar event or a new task. The stopwatch. And from the activities sheet, in the activities screen. To create an activity, you have to choose the type and the case. Each activity should contain at least one billable item. Some type of activities determines a set of billable items, that will be created by default.


This is defined in the configuration screen. You can use the time, quantity and rates to fix the amount of the billable items. By default, the rates are recovered from the fee tables, defined in the configuration screen.


You can add as many billable items as you want. The billable item could be a fee or an expense. Click “OK” to save the activity. The “OK & New” button saves the activity and creates a new one, using by default the same case.

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