How to create a document


It is possible to create documents from many different places: You can use the “quick add” button. You can use the “new document” command in the case window. You can use the “new document” command in the documents screen. Or you can use the contextual menu using the right button of the mouse. The first step to create a document is to select a document template.


The templates are organized into two main categories. Kleos templates are the set of templates included by default in Kleos. The office templates are the templates created and owned by the firm. Once you have selected a template, choose the style sheet. The style sheet corresponding to each template by default can be defined in the configuration screen. Write the name of the document. Kleos provides a default name based on the name of the template.


Write the description of the document and click OK. Kleos will open your word processor automatically. Now, you can use your text editor to complete the document. Remember that Kleos stores all the documents in the cloud. While working with your text editor, your will be working with a temporary file. To upload the file to the cloud automatically, you have to close and save the document.


After closing the text editor, Kleos will show a document window with all the information related to the document you have just edited. You may use the new activity, task and appointment buttons to create activities, tasks and appointments related to the document you have just created. Click the “check-in” button to accpet the changes and upload the file to the cloud. The “undo” button discards the changes.

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