How to create a case


All information in Kleos is organized around cases. To create a new case, click on the “new case” icon. The only required field is the case name. To create a case on the fly, write the name of the case and click OK.


This way of working allows to create quickly the case, and populate it later with the documents and all the needed information. Even if the case name is the only mandatory field, we suggest to include information about the parties and the operational details of the case. If you populate all the relevant information, you will be able to optimize your work in next steps.


For instance: you will able to generate documents, reports and invoices in few steps, and the searches on cases will be more effective. Kleos provides alternative ways to create a new case. You may use the “quick add” feature. You may use the “new case” icon on the cases screen. And you may use the contextual menu, using the right button of the mouse.

2016-05-26 (1)