How to configure activities


Kleos uses activities to keep track of the billable work done by the office and generate invoices. To configure the “activities” module, users have to define activities, billing items and fee tables.

The activity types contain the description of the activities. You can define as many activity types as you want. If you don’t want to use anymore a specific activity, you have to deactivate it.


Activities may contain any combination of fees and expenses. Fees and expenses are different kinds of billing items. Billing items are organized in billing categories. Kleos recognizes disbursements as a kind of billing items. To define a disbursement, leave void the field “kind”. The fee tables contain the default values for the billing items.

Users can define as many fee tables as they want. Generic fees apply to billing item categories. For instance, the category kilometre may include many billing items related to travel expenses. A generic fee for the “kilometre” category applies to all the billing items included in this category.


Specific fees apply only to specific billing items. It is possible to duplicate a fee table. This is the recommended way to update the fees from one year to another.



2016-07-11 (52)