The different ways to find a case in Kleos


Kleos provides many different ways to find and open a specific case. The main screen shows the list of the recent cases. It contains the list of cases that you have used recently. The “Global Search” allows users to find cases quickly by using the contents of the case description. You may also use the quick search box and the advanced search in the cases screen. The list of cases can be sorted and filtered using the header of the columns. You may find cases by using the “Show cases” icon on the identities screen.


This option will automatically perform an advanced search. It is also possible to open the case related to calendar events, tasks, documents and activities. The “open case” feature is available in the command bar, and in the contextual menu of the right button of the mouse. This is the quickest way to navigate to a case from the calendar and the list of tasks, documents and activities.

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