How to create memos & phone reports


In Kleos, a memo is a short and informal document used as a brief, note, reminder or summary. Kleos includes a simple text editor to create and edit memos.


To complete the memo, write the name, choose the case, and write the text of the memo. The follow-up option allows users to define reminders related to the memo. Choose the action, assign it to yourself or someone else and include an additional note if needed. You can create a memo from many different places: The quick-add button.


The new memo command available on the document tab of the case window. The right button of the mouse in the same screen. The new memo command of the list of documents. The right button of the mouse from the list of documents. Once you have created a memo, you can use it as any other document of a case.


The creation of phone-reports is very similar. The main difference is that you can include identities related to the phone report.

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