How to mass import documents folders



1. Description
From your Windows desktop, you can import documents folders into Kleos. The folder tree will be kept in your Kleos folder and all documents will be imported.

– The maximum weight of a file to import is 40MB,
– The maximum weight of all files in a folder tree is 500MB,
– The maximum level of subfolders is 10.
– The maximum number of documents in a single folder import is 200.
– Almost all file formats are accepted (doc, xls, pdf, img, jpg …).

2. Solution
From the case you wish to import go to the Documents section.
Select the tab Import and then Import Folders.




A window will ask you to select the parent folder (or subfolder) you want.



Kleos you display a window listing the folders and documents to import.
Check / uncheck the folders to be recreated in your Kleos folder.
For example, you can choose to import only documents into Kleos without recreating the folders levels.
You can also choose not to import the parent folder: uncheck Import the root folder.
Choose the Destination folder path and click on Import.


At the bottom of the page you can see the total weight (in MB) of documents & folders before import and also the total number of documents that will be imported into the case.

Click Yes to confirm the import.



Click OK to validate.



The new folders are visible on the Documents explorer section:




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How to convert multiple files into a single PDF document


1. Overview
I want to convert multiple files into a single PDF document

2. Solution
From the general Documents tab or from the Documents tab inside a case:
Select the documents that you want to convert > right click > PDF > Create PDF or select the button More… > PDF > Create PDF.



On the PDF creation window select or unselect the documents to convert.
Click OK to validate.



You can change the title and add a description. You can also see the document preview by clicking on the magnifying glass.
Click OK to validate.



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What is the limit size for importing files in Kleos?


1. Question

What is the limit size for importing files in Kleos?
2. Explanation
The limit size for importing files in Kleos is 40MB.


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