Basic Office configuration


It is strongly recommended to configure the basic information of your Office, such as firm name, address and Office members. This information is used to personalize the documents and the communication with your clients and the various parties of the cases.

To configure your Office information navigate through the configuration screen and select the “Office” tab.



The “Office” option is selected by default. It contains the basic information of your Firm and is empty by default. Click on the “Open” button to define the basic data.



Kleos will create an identity and will use it to identify your Firm. This identity will be permanently linked to your law firm in Kleos. However, you will always be able to modify those data.

It is strongly recommended to include all the relevant information of your firm, such as name, main address, legal form or VAT number.


You can include your Firm’s logo. Kleos will be able to use the logo to personalize your documents. To add a logo, click on the building icon in the General tab of the window.



Kleos can use the most common picture formats, such as .jpg, .png and .bmp.

At this stage, it is important to review the number of licenses. Note that you can install Kleos on all the devices you like, but you can’t use the same license on more computers simultaneously. The number of licenses limits the number of members of your Office who can use Kleos.

Select the “Contract & Authorizations” option.



Click on the “Contract manager” icon.



The contract manager window contains information about the number of licenses available, the expiration date of the licenses and the space available for data storage.

Please, see Configuration of Kleos accounts and profiles on page Error! Bookmark not defined. if you would like to define new Office members, to assign Kleos licenses to Office members or to change the authorization profiles of users.



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