This page shows an overview of the most relevant features added or improved in Kleos 6.6, released in June 2019. Watch the video on Kleos for outlook’s new improvements by clicking on the button below.




To know more about all the improvements and how to use them you may download the extended PDF version (just below this summary).


EMAILS : improvements on Kleos for Outlook

EMAIL : improvements when using Outlook as default email editor

KLEOS CONNECT : easy access to the case when viewing notifications

KLEOS CONNECT : external party can download several documents at a time


EMAILS: improvements on Kleos for Outlook


Kleos 6.5 (March 2019) came with a brand new version of Kleos for Outlook.


Following remarks coming from users, Kleos 6.6 comes with another set of improvements on Kleos for Outlook.



Add a description when sending an email


After selecting the case, just click on Description to make the field appear



Add a description on an email when importing into Kleos


Just after selecting the case, a description of the email can now be directly entered to populate the ‘Description’ field that will appear in Kleos.



Add a description on an attachment when importing into Kleos


If attachments are imported as separate files, a description can be entered for the email itself and for each attachment.


Just click on “Add description” for each item:



The description can then be entered, edited or even Removed




Convert a Word document into PDF “on the fly”

When adding a Word document as an attachment, “As PDF” will appear when you mouse over the name of the document.


Simply click on “As PDF” to convert the document “on the fly”.




When the conversion is completed, a green check appears at the end of the name of the document …



…and the PDF is added to the message as an attachment.



Good to know : the conversion may take a while (depending on the size of the document)

So, do not send the message as long as the PDF does not appear as an attachment…



Save an email as a draft (and optionally add a follow-up)

When creating an email, a new option “ File as draft” now appears :



In this scenario, the email is not sent , but is then accessible from the case in Kleos to be edited, finalized, and sent (or deleted)…


Good to know : to avoid unmanageable misalignment between Outlook and Kleos, the draft email is saved only in Kleos (and not in Outlook).


This is why, in order to make the draft easier to find later on, it is highly recommended to select Additional steps before  filing as draft :




This will let you add an appointment or register time, but also add a Follow-up



By doing this, you’ll make the draft email easily accessible to another member of the firm (or to yourself) in Kleos, in order to finalize and send it later on.

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EMAILS: improvements when using Outlook as default email editor


Context : Kleos 6.5 (March 2019) introduced the possibility of defining Outlook as your default email editor in Kleos when creating emails.


This concept is now extended with Kleos 6.6, meaning that Outlook will now be systematically used (if this preference is selected) when :


  • Creating a new email from Kleos (whatever the entry point)
  • Opening an existing email in Kleos



Good to know : to set Outlook as you default email editor, you should access Configuration, General, My preferences, Documents tabs.


And check Use Microsoft Outlook for emailing




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KLEOS CONNECT: easy access to the case when viewing notifications


Context : Kleos connect allows you to easily share documents from Kleos with external parties.


The external parties can access the shared documents from a secured portal and can also upload documents or send comments.


When external parties upload documents or enter comments, you are informed in Kleos through the notification center:



When clicking on a notification, the Edit document sharing window appears.


What’s new : a magnifying glass is now visible after the case name




Clicking on the magnifying glass will instantly open the related case, directly inside the Documents tab.


This will allow you to easily browse the content of the case.

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KLEOS CONNECT: external party can download several documents at a time

If you share many documents with external parties (clients or others) using Kleos Connect this improvement will be much appreciated by them.


From the Kleos Connect portal, when viewing shared documents in a case, it is now possible to download several documents (up to 100) in a single operation  :

  • Download selected => downloads only the selected documents
  • Download all => downloads all the documents of the case





Kleos Connect will aggregate all the selected documents in a single .zip file that can be saved locally.


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