The User Interface

The first thing you’ll see in the interface are the infodrops. The infodrops contain information about the changes in the user’s interface.


Main menu
The main menu is now located in the upper of the screen. From this menu, you can access to all the screens of Kleos.


Automatic search
The cases screen shows automatically the last cases. This new feature allows to start working with the cases without to perform a search.

Quick search

The quick search integrates the searches by name, reference and description. These are by far the most frequent searches. The integration of the most frequent searches into the quick search box will help users to save a lot of time.

Advanced search

Of course, the advanced search is still available.

Command bar

The ribbon of buttons has been replaced by a command bar. It has been organised attending the criteria of the frequency of use. In all the screens of the new Kleos, the “more” option aggregates the less frequent features.

Right button

In the new Kleos you can also use the right button of the mouse to access to the most frequent features.

Secondary navigation bar

The case screen shows two navigation bars. The upper one navigates to the general corresponding screen. The lower one is contextual. It will show only the information related with the case.


Command bars The command bars inside the case window replace the ribbons of button. They have been organised to be nearest to his related information. For instance, the command bar located in the parties’ box only contains actions related with the parties.


New calendar
The calendar has been completely revamped. The new configuration of the calendar makes it clearer and easier to use. As in other screens, the ribbon of buttons has been replaced by a command bar.

Additional fields
The windows of the new Kleos are organised to make easier finding the most important information. The less frequently used fields are now hidden. The “additional fields” tag indicates the availability of hidden fields. To make them visible, click on the small arrow. This behavior appears in a lot of windows of the new Kleos.

Quick filters

The “Tasks” screen contains new quick filters. They make very easy to find the own tasks and the pending ones.


Home button
The new “home” button is the easiest way to return to the desktop.

Quick add command
 The “quick add” command is a very useful shortcut. You don’t need anymore to navigate to the specific screen to add a new item.

 You can access to the support pages through the “help” command from the main menu

Dashboard configuration

To configure the desktop on the new Kleos click on the setup icon and select the dashboard tab.