How to configure case types


Kleos includes a standard set of case types, but it is recommended that the office defines its own set of case types more suitable to its activity.

To configure the case types, click on the “configuration” icon, select the “case” tab, and click on the “case types” item.

To create a new case type, click on the “new” icon and define the new “case type”.

You can define the party types that should be included in this type of case.

For instance, you can define that the trademark case type should include an expert as one of the parties of this type of case.

When you create a new case of this type, Kleos will ask you to include all the party types defined for this type of case.

You can also define a default identity for each party type defined in the case type.

For instance, the expert related to the trademark cases.

The extra fields tab allows defining specific information related to the case types.

For instance, in the trademark case type you can define an extra field to register the patent number.

There is no limit in the types of cases that you can define.

For instance, you can define several trademark types of cases, each one with their own linked parties, default identities and extra fields.

It is not possible to delete an existing type of case.

If you don’t want to use a case type anymore, you can deactivate it and show it as not active.

2016-06-14 (7)