How to massively move activities from a case to a different case



1. Description
The user is able to select a set of activities and move them to a destination case, to another date or owner.
Kleos turns the Edit button into Bulk Edit. This can be done either from the general tab Activities or inside a Case.  

2. Solution
Note: for this to be possible the status of the activities must be set to “Not billed”.
If the user tries to move activities already billed the following error message will display:



Select the activities to be moved and either click the button Bulk edit  or right-click with the mouse and select the same option.



Select the destination Case, Owner and the date. If the date or the owner don’t need to be changed you should uncheck the respective boxes.
Click Modify.



The following window will display. If the destination case has a different fee table, Kleos will recalculate the values.




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Improvement in Timesheet registration



To improve the usability in entering timesheets, a new behavior has been implemented, in the activity window. Kleos shows the last activity type used in the previous entered activity. When creating a new activity, it inherits the last information of the activity type used. The information is:

  • Activity type name
  • Activity type description
  • Billing items configured and the description of the billing item

This feature is available for all entry points: Activity window and Activity sheet.



Kleos also shows the last activity type used for the Quick timesheet (at the bottom of your screen).



Kleos 6.4 improves the usability of the Quick timesheet enabling the user to select a specific date and allowing the user to move in the window with the tab key of the keyboard.



Note: The new behavior is a default behavior and is not configurable.



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Stopwatch – Creating automatically activities with the time spent on a case



To simplify the entry of time into your cases from the stopwatch feature, Kleos displays by default the overall time spent in the case in the new activity creation window (previously the default time was “0”). 



To use this stopwatch feature of automatic creation of the time spent in a case, you need to configure it on your user account (each user of the office will have to perform the same manipulation): from Configurations > General > My preferences > tab Activities:




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